Imberbus will be running on the 26th August

This year’s Imberbus event is being held on Saturday 26th August and it is already looking like it will be the biggest one yet, with people coming long distances to ride on a Routemaster bus across the Salisbury Plain to the lost village of Imber and beyond.

To cater for the extra passengers, this year we will be using more than 20 old and new Routemasters to provide our service, some of which have not ventured across the Salisbury plain before. We will also be enhancing the timetable to provide departures every 10-15 minutes from Warminster Station to Imber from 9.45am onwards. On arrival at Imber, some buses will then carry on to our interchange point at Gore Cross, from where they will continue at least once an hour either to Tilshead & Chitterne, or to Brazen Bottom, Market Lavington and New Zealand Farm Camp, with extra journeys operating during the afternoon.

In addition to the 16th century St.Giles’ Church at Imber which will be open over the Bank Holiday weekend, this year there will also be a couple of new attractions for our passengers to visit. The Market Lavington Museum, situated next to Market Lavington Church, is opening specially for our event and in addition to exhibiting local artifacts, will be serving cream teas. Refreshments will also be available at our Chitterne terminus in the village hall, which will also house the UK Transport sales stall selling a variety of transport orientated books and models, including a limited edition Imberbus model of Routemaster RM1005.

Further details about this year’s Imberbus event can be found on our website at, including maps, timetables, fares and details of how to get to Warminster Station. If you have not been to Imber before, you might also find it useful to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, which provides important information on where you can and cannot go, where you can get something to eat and also the location of public toilets (which are few and far between on the Salisbury Plain!).

IMPORTANT – If you are planning on bringing a group of people to Warminster in a bus or coach, please contact us immediately as there are very few coach parking facilities available in Warminster.