Imberbus 2017

Details of Imberbus 2018 will be posted during the Summer.

Last year’s Imberbus event on 26th August  2017 was the biggest one yet, with people coming long distances to ride on a Routemaster bus across the Salisbury Plain to the lost village of Imber and beyond.

We therefore enhanced the Imberbus timetable and used more than 20 old and new Routemaster buses to operate it. A copy of last year’s timetable can be downloaded from our website by clicking here and important features included:

  • Departures at least every 15 minutes from Warminster Station to Imber from 9.45am onwards;
  • Buses serving Tilshead, Chitterne, West Lavington, Market Lavington, New Zealand Farm Camp and Brazen Bottom at least once per hour; with extra journeys during the afternoon.
  • New bus stop near the Market Lavington Museum which opened specially for our event and also served cream teas.
  • A transport sales stall at Chitterne selling books and models, including a special Imberbus model of RM1005.

The routes that the buses took can be seen on the map below (please click on it to see a larger version in PDF format). Many journeys were operated by at least 2 vehicles, some of which were wheelchair accessible, and anyone with mobility problems could email us so that we could advise which journeys we were planning to use the low floor buses on.

As usual, all buses connected at our interchange point at Gore Cross so that passengers could easily travel to/from all points on our network. To enable them to do this in an affordable way, we offered an all day ticket at a cost of £10 per adult, with up to 3 children being allowed to accompany each adult for the bargain fare of just £1 each. However, ordinary bus fares were also available and so anyone wishing to travel from Warminster to visit the 16th century St Giles’ Church at Imber (which was be open specially on this date) could purchase an ordinary single ticket for just £2 each way.

Imberbus operates as an ordinary local bus service, so there was no need to pre-book or pay in advance – passengers just turned up and paid the conductor on the bus in cash. To speed things up we also had staff selling day tickets outside Warminster Station, but we could not accept credit/debit/contactless cards or concessionary bus passes.

If you wish to participate in Imberbus 2018, advice on travelling to Warminster can be found on the “How to get to Warminster” page on our website. Remember that trains run approximately every hour to Warminster from Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge, Westbury, Salisbury, Southampton and Portsmouth, with connections available from London and the West Country at Westbury and Salisbury – please see the First Great Western website for timetables and further details.

Ordinary bus services also run to Warminster on Saturdays from Bath, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury, Salisbury and Frome and further details of these can be found on the Traveline website.

If you are intending to stay overnight in the area, you may wish to visit the Warminster Community Hub website to find suitable accommodation.

IMPORTANT – If you are planning on bringing a group of people to Warminster in a bus or coach, please contact us as there are few coach parking facilities available in Warminster.

We hope that you will be able to join us this year on 18th August and if you would like further information about our event, please check out the other pages on our website, including the Frequently Asked Questions page provides important information on where you can and cannot go, where you can get something to eat and also the location of public toilets (which are few and far between on the Salisbury Plain!).