What’s New for 2018 ?

There are a few changes to this year’s Imberbus event compared to previous years, so if you have travelled with us before, here is a quick summary of the new arrangements:

Firstly we will be starting slightly earlier at 9.30am, with buses running to Imber approximately every 15 minutes. On arrival at Imber, buses will set down as usual near the church, but will then continue on to a new turning point east of the village which will also be available as a park & Ride site for those car drivers who would prefer to park at Imber rather than in Warminster (If you click on the link above, the P&R site is the large white splodge on the right hand side of the map!).

After calling at Imber, many of the buses will then continue on to a new interchange point at Gore Cross which we hope that our passengers will find easier to use then the previous one (click here to see its location).  Some of the buses will then run to Tilshead and Chitterne whilst the others will run to Brazen Bottom, and the Lavingtons, then to New Zealand Farm Camp.

This year we are increasing the timetable so that there are buses from the interchange to Tilshead/Chitterne AND to Brazen Bottom / the Lavingtons twice an hour.  However please note that there will not be a separate service from the Interchange to New Zealand Farm Camp this year – instead buses coming from Brazen Bottom will call at New Zealand before returning to the Interchange.

Finally if you want to indulge in a bit of retail therapy during the day, this year the UK Transport sales stall will be located at the Rose & Crown public house at Tilshead, rather than at Chitterne.  However Chitterne village hall will still be selling refreshments to weary travellers and some of our crews will even be taking their rest breaks there as well, so be aware that when a bus arrives at Chitterne, it may not be the next one to return to Imber !


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